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October 19, 2022
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Dalat, located at an altitude of 1500 meters, was the place where the French made their holiday resort during the French rule and built large villas. Of course not without reason, because the temperature is a lot cooler than in Ho Chi Minh, the former Saigon. The beautiful high waterfalls, the large forests, the impressive mountains and the quiet lake Xuan Huong make visiting Dalat worthwhile.

It is ideal to rent a scooter and go exploring yourself. Visit wine, tea, rubber or coffee plantations, go trekking or look for the remote mountain villages with the Montagnards. In addition to these activities, this green environment is ideal if your sporty heart beats. It is a fantastic experience to go canyoning. You can book this activity in different places.

Along a steep wall in the mountains you pull up through branches and tree trunks. Abseiling from different heights and occasionally venturing into the deep, the highlight of a canyoning trip is the Tiger Cave Waterfall. This 25-meter high waterfall is a real challenge.

You will no doubt wonder: am I really going to do this? I can answer yes to this, because the kick afterwards is a feeling you will never forget.

If you want to enjoy a special overnight stay in this green and peaceful environment, book a night at Hằng Nga Guesthouse. Better known as the “Crazy House”. This guesthouse is known for its unique architecture by the architect Hang Viet Nga. Each room is decorated with an individual theme. An absolute experience! Rooms can be booked from 20 euros.


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